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Is your old fruit sizer
working properly?

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We can fix it!

- 99% accuracy!
- Up to 360 cups per minute!
- Fitted to any Cup Sizing Machine


We Develop

- Sizers
- Counters
- Bin Fillers
- Whatever you need!

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Customised Electronics
for machine builders and integrators

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We also:

- Do retrofits to existing Sizer Machines
- Offer expert machine servicing
- Provide EXCEPTIONAL customer support

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  • Accuracy

    AgriSort Sizers and sorters are accurate to 1 gram!

    This is the best technology available in South Africa, by far!

  • Technology

    Digital Filters provide superior results

    Getting good results from a moving, shaking scale is not easy.  We did it!

  • Experience

    Our Technology is matured by many installations!

    We know what we are doing. Our tech will give you results as good as any imported system. Guaranteed.

Our Happy Clients