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Agrisort girl holding fruit

Is your old fruit sizer
working properly?

We can fix it!

- 99% accuracy!

- Up to 360 cups per minute!

- Fitted to any Cup Sizing Machine

We Develop

Customised Electronics

for machine builders and integrators

- Sizers

- Counters

- Bin Fillers

- Whatever you need!

We also:

- Do retrofits to existing Sizer Machines

- Offer expert machine servicing

- Provide EXCEPTIONAL customer support

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Complexity Made Easy


AgriSort Sizers and sorters are accurate to 1 gram! This is the best technology available in South Africa, by far!


Digital Filters provide superior results. Getting good results from a moving, shaking scale is not easy.  We did it!


Our Technology is matured by many installations!We know what we are doing. Our tech will give you results as good as any imported system. Guaranteed.

Happy Clients

“Agrisort got my sizer retrofitted and working in record time, after lightning put me out of action”


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Nicola McGregor


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